Open source from thousands of contributors

With its hundreds of modules from statistics and econometrics to SQL to HADOOP, Python as a general purpose dynamic scripting language offers unbeatable solutions. It has become the "must support" language as witnessed by Microsoft's Visual Studio, IBM's SPSS Python Essentials, and Oracle's Python tutorials, just to name a few. Whether driven by self preservation or opportunity, the course has clearly been set.

Window apps for any occasion

Windows accomplishes program control with menu choices, alleviating the need for users to learn and remember intricate command languages. Problem is, it has always taken a large market to warrant the time, cost, and needed expertise to implement the simplest application. And certainly never justified for the individual user or dedicated solution. Problem solved; the quick and easy way to create windows solutions for each and every need, Visral's Rapid Application Development.


After the answers there's documenting

Python produces numbers, tables, charts; wrap words around them and create a file, print a report, or maybe short a stock.

But answers aren't always that simple

What if the actual results are not just numbers but processes or conditional on the responses to questions. What if they set in the middle of a larger project where automation counts, or require real-time data exchanged over the Internet? Visral's interactive documents, Venues, and automatons allow for their implementation and a lot more.

The Python Operating Environment

Beyond providing an instructional interface to Python, Visral OE permits SIRE work products to be freely distributed and utilized by students, staff, clients, and customers. Made up of multiple sentient editors operating synergistically with Python, OE offers intrinsic connectivity with active documents and application Venues; transitioning from an instinctive Python interface to a customizable scientific, business, and analytical tool.